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料亭濱長ryoutei hamacho

CategoryOther Japanese
LocationCentral Kochi
Access 5 minutes by car from JR Kochi Station, 10 minutes on foot from Harimayabashi tram stop, 257m from Dentetsu Terminal Building From Harimaya Bridge, walk south (toward Kagamigawa) on the left (east side) sidewalk along the tram line of the pier line. There is an advertisement for "Hamacho" on the outer wall of the condominium on the east side, so turn left using that as a landmark. By car, along the tram tracks on the pier line It is easy to understand if you head toward Kagamigawa (south) from Harimaya Bridge. The road in front of the store is a one-way street from west to east. There are 12 parking lots in front of the store. If the car is full, please use the coin parking near you. * From JR Shikoku / Kochi Station [Car] 5 minutes [Train] 10 minutes (get off at Harimayabashi tram stop) [Walk] 20 minutes * From Harimaya Bridge [Walk] 3 minutes * From Kochi Airport [Car] 30 minutes (40 to 50 minutes during rush hour) <Estimated time required from sightseeing spots> Harimayabashi, Karakuri Clock, Harimayabashi Shopping Street, Obiyamachi Shopping Street (eastern part), Kyobashi, Yosakoi Exchange Center, etc. [Walk only] 5 to 15 minutes [Car] 5 minutes Kochi Castle, Kochi Prefectural Kochi Castle History Museum, Otepia, Ohashi-dori, Obiyamachi Shopping Street (western part), etc. [Walk only] 20-30 minutes [Tram] 15 minutes [Car] 10 minutes Katsurahama [Car] 30 minutes * It will be the shortest time
Price Range Daytime:approx. 2,160yen
Night:approx. 15,000yen
Menu Language日本語,English,한국어,简体中文,繁体

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